About Slokker Homes

Watch a short interview with Slokker Homes President, Peter Paauw and learn about the principles we apply to our communities.

Slokker brings to Lakeside its expertise in developing visionary, full-scale and complete communities. We are place makers who provide stylish, affordable, long-lasting homes in livable, community-minded neighbourhoods. Design and quality are how we build value that endures.

We are committed to community and dedicated to the following values:

  • Quality: This means building quality homes and neighbourhoods that stand the test of time.
  • Neighbourly: Creating communities that create good neighbours.
  • Creativity: We strive to use the latest and greatest urban planning tactics and
  • Providing Value: Beyond quality homes, we want to create value for the broader community by adding amenities and public space
  • Adaptable: As cities evolve, the needs of communities change. Our communities are built to change and grow with these needs.

The following developmental principles will guide our work in Chestermere and Lakeside:

  • Ensuring environmental sustainability and economic prosperity to Chestermere.
  • Preserving water features and green space. The integration of natural park spaces that encourage ecological networks to thrive, while enhancing the public’s access to nature within Chestermere.
  • Providing generous green space to act as buffers with existing homes, while densifying sensitively in appropriate spaces.
  • Creating and incorporating amenities such as bike and walking paths and open spaces, to provide year-round access to, and enjoyment of, the area.
  • Ensuring connectivity. Mixed-use public pathways will connect park spaces throughout Lakeside and to Chestermere Lake, a high-street retail area and surrounding communities.
  • Ensuring amenities are inclusive and freely accessible to people of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds.
  • Creating public gathering spaces that encourage community interaction.
  • Communicating openly with all stakeholders, prioritizing opportunities for engagement and input.

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